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Feelings of you glided through the wind tunnel where my heart once burrowed.

Me hollow, there was nowhere for it to nestle, so it landed in the corner with my back to it.

It slid down the brick leaving its trail in the mortar crevices.

Small bits dribbled onto the abandoned parking lot’s gravel.


Here is where we parked when you wanted a Slurpee and to dump me.

I wanted to throw up, but my car window could not roll down.

“Don’t You Forget About Me” blared on that university radio station you hated.


I never thought your rejection of me would be so bilious and matter of fact.

Tuesday morning, we were in love and committed. By Tuesday afternoon, we were not.


By Wednesday, you were with him. By Thursday, I found out.

By Friday, I found him in our ex parking lot.

Now, he’s slumped over in the only handicap parking space.

And, I am in this corner facing a future free of only you.