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“Where the hell did you come from?” he demanded holding my documents with just his fingertips fearing contamination.

“From your blind spot.”

“From your complacency.”

“From your Other.”

“I have been here all the time waking, waiting, warbling for you to see all of me.”

“I burst forth swaddled in my Daddy’s disappointments and dry humor.”

“A small tobacco plantation in Spotsylvania County, Virginia where the Fitz and the Hugh slaves became Fitzhugh slaves.”

“My Momma and her Momma and her Momma.”

“A burning, intoxicating Oahu sugarcane field on a muggy July 4th.”

“Africa, Germany, Philippines, Hawaii, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, then Virginia again.”

“The Navy, the Army, the National Guard, the US Federal Government, Walmart, and Kmart.”

“Soul gardens where the sweetest fruits are still bitter skinned.”

“Mouths of rivers still running muddy and dangerous.”

“From the time when I slammed on the brake instead of the gas choosing to no longer kill myself.”

“From a November naked dance around a park bonfire, cameras, lovers, strangers, and police.”

“From that startling moment when you realize the dream is about to be a nightmare.”