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Destiny was a cute, long limbed, pixie girl.
Everything she said was fun and profound.
She made me mixed tapes of alternative bands I never heard before.
She made me giggle.

One night, at a party,
she came in with her hands cupped together
and whispered for my son to come over.
He was so young then.
She opened her fingers,
and a toad jumped from her hand to my son’s.
He was ecstatic as he gently rubbed it’s
cool, smooth skin.

Why had I never caught a toad?

I remember thinking how some people were just destined to be loveable.
I remember thinking if I were taller, dressed with more color…

Years later,
walking in the rain,
after I won the battle of self-love,
I wondered about Destiny,
with her perfect hair and soulful eyes.

And, a toad leaped onto the pavement in front of me.
I reached down and scooped it up,
and gently rubbed it’s
cool, smooth skin.