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“How was school?”
“Good. I was in the blue group.”
“That means I was excellent.”
“Oh… right on!”

“There was snow in our classroom.”
“Did someone leave the window open?”
“No, we saw it through the window.”

“Two hundred plus two hundred equals four hundred.”
“That’s right.”
“Three thousand plus three thousand equals six thousand.”
“You got it. What about five million plus two million?”
“Seven million?”

“Snow plus ‘y’ equals snowy.”
“Snow plus snow equals snow.”
“Snow plus ‘y” plus fun equals snowy fun.”

“What do you find fun about the snow?”
“I want to build something in it. ‘Cause I’ve never seen snow before… in my whole life!”
“Where are you from?”
“Florida, California, and Maine.”
“There was no snow in Maine?”
“I don’t know. I was born there.”

“Oh, no the snow stopped. I can’t see it!”
“It’s ok. It’s still snowing.”

“Who makes the snow fall?”
“I don’t think anyone makes the snow fall.”