I’ve started a new blog for people who want more constructive attention to their writing. 🙂

Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh, Editor

Make your blog writing top heavy. Leave your introduction and exposition and background and picture for the end of your blog piece. A lot of people use the wordpress reader to decide if they will read or like your story. If all they see is a picture or a reason why you wrote the piece instead of the writing itself, people (I know I have) will skip your piece. For example, if it’s in response to a writing prompt or exercise, put that information at the end.

Also, the most important sentence or stanza is your first one. Make it count. Make it interesting.

Try it! If you see a difference in your stats after a few days, let me know!

If you would like me to check out a specific piece by you, check out my About section for details.

Thanks for your time and attention.

I hope I find you…

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