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Frigophobia is fear of the cold.


“A traveling evangelical once told me a story about a hobo who got locked in a cold car of a train. All night the man prayed for a miracle as he got colder and colder. He bargained. He begged. And, the next morning they found him frozen to death. The odd thing–why he told me this story is ’cause the car’s coolant system was broken, and the car was around eighty degrees all night. The preacher told me that even desperate faith can’t overcome our will to scare ourselves to death. I think that guy died in prison for embezzlement.”


“I grew up in a house with a walk in refrigerator. I remember thinking repeatedly how horrible it would be to be stuck in there. I don’t think it even had a lock on the outside. I remember the thought of dying in the cold scared me, but it did not paralyze me like it does now. I went to college in Colorado. It used to feel like thirty below. And, I didn’t have a car. For four years, I walked everywhere feeling the cold and not feeling afraid. Not like now. Now, I am haunted. I have thought about being locked out of the house and freezing to death since mid-November. In Virginia of all places. I think it’s becoming a fear the more disabled I become. Dying in the cold. I hope you are taking notes, so you can put this in one of your dark stories.”


she never played in the snow.