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So, the lady at group said you can hear me when I talk to you even if you are dead.
Now, that I have your cosmic ear, I don’t know what to say…

I miss you?
I love you?

My world has not been the same without you.
My words have not been the same without you.

I fear I will never see you again.
I fear that I will.

I am hollow happy.

I met a man who loves me.
I think you would like him.

I have a community who loves me.
I think you would like them.

How do I fill myself again?

I guess it was my fault for loving an Aquarius like you who loves to travel.
You flit from one side of the country to the other haunting the coasts looking for love.
You died on vacation.

I don’t know how our farewells would have been different if I had known it was our last.
Maybe I would not have let you go and pressed you into my heart until we were one again.

You were never one for the sentimental.

I pretend you can read this.
I pretend you guide this story.
I pretend you are here with me.

It’s been a lonely Charlottesville winter without you.