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Her car radio once again reminds her that 29 is closed in Madison County both ways due to a police stand off.

“Who do I know in Madison?” she ponders as she puts the straw of her morning Diet Coke to her lips.

“Oh yeah, Amanda. She is such a fabulous busy body. She’ll know what’s going on. I should call her anyway. Haven’t talked to her in ages.


“He’s got five hostages in there.”


Hostage One, being told not to move, ignores her cell phone’s constant ringing. She wishes she could turn it off. The constant tinny refrain of Sonny and Cher’s “Hey I Got You Babe” is beginning to unnerve her. She hopes it’s not upsetting him.


“Weird. She’s not answering. I’ll just text her.”

She never sees the semi.