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To Whom It May Concern:

I could simply say I want to be treated with dignity and respect. However, I know that we come from different spaces and what may seem a standard operating procedure to you could be a triggering form of disrespect to me.

I don’t know what happens after death, so I’ve nursed an ambivalent stance about whether or not I want to be resuscitated.  So, I will leave my breathing up to you. I hope you are a pragmatic optimist.

I do know from a time when I was dying from lithium toxicity and another time when I was in the throes of a psychotic fever that I sense what people are doing around me when I am in altered states. So, I ask that people talk to me and not about me when in the room with me… even when it appears I am not listening.

I like when people sing to me or pray for me or do my hair or read me Toni Morrison.

I do not like being yelled at or being called a frequent flyer.

Risperdal gives me restless leg syndrome.

Restraints scare me.

That is all.




A psychiatric directive tells doctors (and whoever else cares) how you want to be treated in a mental health crisis.