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The mist from the overhead sprinkler makes the strawberries plump and shine.

“I have to remember to take some home. She loves big strawberries,” he thinks as he rifles through the new produce, turning each piece just so.

“I have to remember to fax her paperwork to the school. So proud of her going back to school! I hope she doesn’t grow weary of me with  her new– No, she loves me,” he smiles as he places a sign about the daily special on potatoes in its bushel.

“I have to remember to ask Carl to clean out the cooler soon. Where is Carl?” his brow creases as he thinks about how he can never find his elderly assistant.

Sensing his displeasure and multitasking, she sends him a mental message via their special love connection.

“Also, you have to remember to have fun, stay in the moment, and cut Carl a break.”

He sneaks a strawberry into his mouth and grins relishing its ripeness.