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Who are you when you look at me?
What is this struggle to you?
Am I a puppet?
Or do you recognize the real mistress?

I cut the strings to hearts, brains, arteries
trying to tell each other how to breathe and
how to rip out another’s marrow.

Where do you see yourself in all this painful delight?
Are you daring to dance
or pretending you can’t see or catch the rhythm?

Choose life instead of loneliness.

Combinations of sizzle and spark.
Super novas going nowhere,
Fixating on points disappearing into ourselves,
Bursts of dark matter remember and projecting nothing.
Binary stars free floating towards each other
lost in each other’s gravity.

Freedom towers climbed by stellar bodies
singing songs of war chants before they were slaves again.

Taunt places were my heart, suffocate being.