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(photo courtesy of michelle weber)


“Why is every picture I click emphasizing his damn wedding ring?”

“I am sorry. Can we take another one. Maybe with that pinkish purple stuff?” Katherine suggested.

“Pinkish purple stuff, really?” Margaret says stiffly.

“They send us a food photographer who knows nothing of food. Bloody brilliant!” she thinks grabbing the “stuff” and beginning to lovingly spoon it on the plate.

“Oh great… a purist,” Katherine thinks blushing at her ignorance and the awkwardness of the situation.

After all, it’s not very often Katherine had to take a photo series of her lover and his wife.


secret love
wrecks and rebuilds
my spilling spirit.

our heat burns water
into wine.

taboo touches.

sweetness slices
melt on our tongues.

i tattoo your lip’s
tracks on my thighs.

we boil.