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“Veronica sits in her favorite chair.”

“Oh no, what fresh hell is this?”

He shoves his cigarette in the corner of his mouth and grabs my hands, and we start to swing dance.

“She sits very quiet and still!” he croons smiling down at me.

“They call her a name-”

“Yo soy Veronica.”

“Wow, what a beautiful name. It’s Latin, right? Vera Icona. True image.”

“Yea, there’s a Saint Veronica who pressed a cloth on Jesus’ face, when he was baring the cross. The cloth miraculously retained the imprint of His face.”


“Yo soy Veronica.”

On September 13, 1978 at 9:30 AM, we met.

“I am your momma, and you are Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh. I named you after your father Vernon Haywood Fitzhugh. I named you after a strong man, so you would always know who you are. I love you, Veronica.”