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Dianne discovers an origami crane nestled in a high branch of her favorite dogwood tree. She climbs higher than ever to claim it. She almost believes if she falls, the crane will swoop down and carry her away.

She reaches and grasps the crane. She cradles it in her hand. She notices words written across its breast and right wing.

Broken Youth,

Look up, look within.

Hope with tears.

a light rain begins…
I choose salt.

The work of remembering,
She never felt small by the ocean.

The Frustrated Mage

She reads the words quietly to herself and shivers. She recognizes this message as something to her from many…from the universe.

She clasps it to her heart, bows her head, sighs, and smiles her future.

Contact Box collected titles used as title of this piece and poem on crane found at https://cvillewinter.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/title-needed/

Thank you to all who participated!

Photo from site: http://www.etsy.com/listing/110082829/custom-printed-origami-crane-party-picks