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Mid-morning in Nelson County, Virginia, USA

“I’m late, because I overslept. I overslept, because I was trying to be a good student and study for my geography test.”

“I’m sure the other kids in your class studied just as hard and didn’t have a problem making it to school on time.”

“Jesus, lady, be a b-”


“Never mind,” I mumble taking the pink tardy slip wondering how I would hide the detention time gap from my mother.

12:00 PM EST

I cram useless information about the Gaza strip in my head. I was born in Nelson County, and I will probably die here. What’s the point?

12:22 PM EST

School is evacuated due to a bomb threat.


So, does that mean I won’t have the test or detention?

6:21 PM EST

My Dad starts watching the news, and my brothers and sisters start to scatter. He gets bossy with us and demands we watch it with him.

There’s a bombing of a school today in a country far away from Nelson County.

A bunch of Muslim kids are dead.

When it’s real, there are no warnings.

My little sister asks if something like that can happen here.

My Dad doesn’t answer.

And, I just tickle her back until the commercial break.